Enjoy a Powerful Shower – Without the Noisy Shower Pump

360px-Pump_bottle_showerDue to insufficient water pressure, the majority of homeowners are now installing shower pumps to assist in boosting the overall pressure of their shower systems – resulting in a more powerful shower spray. Although a powerful shower does enhance your shower experience, there can be one downside to a greater performing shower – having to put up with a noisy shower pump.

The noise of a shower pump can echo throughout the house every time the shower is in use. Loud, mechanical and basically unpleasant, some homeowners may think that this is simply the price that must be paid for improving a shower’s water flow, however fear not as there are ways that this noise can be reduced.  We spoke with Anchor Pumps expert team to find out how;

Why Are Shower Pumps Noisy?
By their nature, shower pumps are generally quite noisy. A shower pump’s mechanism produces vibrations and this usually creates a noise that can be heard throughout the house. Thankfully, this noise only occurs when water is being run from the shower or any other outlet however this isn’t really ideal if you want to use the shower system in the evening, when other people in your home may be sleeping.

Some shower pumps are quieter than others and this is all down to the brand that you choose. Cheaper pumps are characteristically made from cheap components and don’t have the same innovative manufacturing techniques found in more expensive models – meaning that they are likely to vibrant more, causing a louder noise. If you are interested in improving your shower’s flow rate then it is a better choice to pay a little bit extra to ensure a better quality as well as a quieter operation.

Can I Buy a Silent Shower Pump?
Although there is no such thing as a silent shower pump, many quality shower pump manufacturers have recognised the loud and unpleasant associative noise as a major issue – that’s why a number of brands have taken steps to help to reduce this noise.

Through using quality materials such as brass which offer a quieter vibration to creating anti-vibration pads where the pump can be rested upon – an increasing amount of pump brands are constantly using the newest innovations to help reduce the overall noise of shower pumps. Anti-vibration pumps by Stuart Turner have been designed to help keep noise to a minimum, and Grundfos is another brand in particular who take pride in reducing noise with their products.

How Can I Reduce the Noise of My Shower Pump?
If you already own a shower pump and are looking for ways to reduce the noise that it creates, one popular way of doing so is by mounting your pump onto a concrete block as this particular material is less susceptible to transmitting the pump’s loud vibrations. You should avoid placing your pump on hollow materials such as timber flooring as this will only amplify the pump’s vibrations.

Another way of reducing noise is to ensure that all of the independent pipework to and from the pump is supported. Unsupported pipework can occasionally lean on other surfaces or walls and transmit the pump’s vibrations.

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