Do It Yourself Easy Ways To Repair Your Concrete Slab

So you have a crack in your concrete floor and would like some ways to fix it yourself, without the high cost of hiring a repairman.  I will give you the necessary steps to fix it to look good as new.

Where Do I Start?

Ok, so you have cracks in your concrete and have no idea how to fix it right? Well if you follow these steps you will have all the information you need to fix it yourself.  First, you need to see how bad the problem is.  If the concrete pourer has put the reinforcing bar too close to the top that can cause it to crack, also if any bumps were left in the concrete.  Sometimes when it gets too hot it can cause the concrete to warp and expand, and if something was dropped on it before it was fully dried can also cause a crack.  So what do we do about it? Well grab a ruler, yes like a school use ruler, and take measurements at how wide and thick the problem is.  Make sure you measure any bumps, holes, and anything not completely flat.  If the problem is very small you can probably get away with using a leveling compound to fix it. 9 times out of 10 however you will have to chip away at the concrete to fill in the whole problem.  You need a rough surface to fill in the problem using a chipping hammer or an electric chipping hammer.  If you do not have a chipping hammer you can either rent one at a home improvement store or purchase one.  I recommend for big jobs you rent one because chances are you will not be using an electric chipping hammer often.

Let’s Start Fixing It Up!

So after you are done chipping away at the surface you need to clean the whole surface to make sure the concrete has something to stick to.  After that you will need to mix up some concrete to fill in the crack.   Put all the dry ingredients in a bucket and add the water according to directions. To the mixture add a bonding agent to the mix. Concrete repairs will make the new concrete bond to the old concrete better. Now you are ready to fix it up! So you need to wet the area thoroughly. You can’t have puddles of water, but you do need to make sure it is well saturated.  It helps the concrete not dry so quickly and makes it so new concrete sticks to the old concrete. If you do not follow these directions or without enough water your work will be in vain due to the fact it will just crack again. Then, take the mixture you made earlier and put in between the crack and around the crack, smooth it out, and let it dry for 2 hours.  You will need to trowel it to make sure it is even.

So there you have it simple and easy to follow directions for fixing that unsightly crack in your cement.

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