Dying to Be Clean: Is Your Home Toxic?

It can be easy to think that your home would not have any toxins in it. However, even if we are really clean, we could find that there is still some present. It is worth finding out more about the most common ones, so that you can do what you can to avoid them.


Many of us think that pesticides are not common but they are found on some foods such as some fruit, vegetables and commercially raised meats as well as on chemical lawn treatments and pest control products. These can cause irritation, nervous system and kidney damage and an increased risk of cancer. They can block absorption of nutrients so cause miscarriage or birth defects. Avoid chemical pest control in the house if you can, try to source foods that have less pesticides and do not walk on lawns that have been treated.


These tend to mainly be in animal fats, including dairy. They can also be in fish and cigarette smoke. It has been found that they can cause cancer, developmental disorders, skin rash and liver damage. The best thing to do is to stick to the government guidelines with regards to fats and do not burn any materials that were treated with PCP.

Volatile Organic Compounds

These tend to come from paint, new furniture or carpets, wood, plastic, deodorant, electronics, cleaning fluids, shampoo, cosmetics, air freshener, varnish, tobacco, wood burners and dry cleaned clothes. These can cause headaches, dizzy spells, eye and respiratory infections, visual and memory problems and there is evidence they can lead to other disease such as liver, kidney, nervous system damage and cancer. While those with asthma and a high risk of those diseases may be more likely to suffer, it is wise to try to avoid these products where possible. You can use low VOC products, increase ventilation in the home and keep the temperature and humidity low in the room.

Phthalates and PVC

These are used in many things but often to lengthen the life of fragrance or soften plastic. They are in plastic bottles, food storage containers, plastic wrap, vinyl flooring, toys, shower curtains, cosmetics and blow up mattresses. They have been found to haveĀ  an effect on the endocrine system which is especially bad for pregnant women as it can affect genetic development of their babies. Therefore try to buy items which do not have these things, many are now clearly labelled if they do not. Also keep the home well-ventilated.

Heavy Metals

These can be in some drinking water, seafood, antiperspirant, lead paint, vaccines and pesticides, They can cause neurological disorders, fatigue, nausea, blood vessel damage and cancer. By filtering water that contains heavy metals it can help and using cold water, Avoiding fish high in mercury, and products that have PFC like Scotchguard or Teflon.


Mould tends to grow in damp places such as bathrooms. It can cause an allergic reaction and it is thought it may cause immune system problems and cancer. Using ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens can help and filters should be kept clean. Keep humidity low by using a dehumidifier where necessary.

Sometime cleaning alone may not help especially with the lack of professional equipment. This requires professionals likeĀ San Francisco Homejoy cleaning company. They have special equipment for a spot free house cleaning.

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