Why do you need dryer vent cleaning service?

Why you need a dryer vent

First you have to figure out that what is happening to the air in your dryer. The air is pulled in and feverish by electric components, then sent through the clothes and dragged out by a fan and into the vent. The air moves down the vent to the outdoors. If you did not have a vent on your dryer, all that hot air and moisture would be compelled into your house where it can root mold and rot, not to mention immense air conditioning bills. You can obtain the same results if the vent ends up getting choked somewhere along its path to the outside.

How the Vent Works

The dryer vent is absorbed to the vent hood placed at the back of your dryer. The tubing which is used to vent your dryer should be made up ofaluminium. Many of the old vinyl or plastic tubing is not now used due to fire risks and differences in the building codes. The tubing then goes against your dryer under the floor in a creep space or in a wall to the loft where it is fed to the outdoors. Bendingaluminium elbows and foil tape are used to join all the tubing. Then a cover is commonly placed over the end of the tubing to avoidthe heat and moisture from moving right up to your roof or harming an outside wall. The cover helps to circulatethe heat and moisture in different directions. All dryer vents should take the shortest route to the outside.

Cleaning the Vent

Keeping the dryer vent neat and clean is important to the capability of your dryer. If lint gets over the trap, it can slowly block the vent, averting the hot air and moisture from escaping the house. This can cause the dryer to work more hard and take longer to damp the clothes, resulting in disruption of the dryer and higher electric bills.

Cleaning the vent is very easy if you can get to it. You can take it off, clean it with a flitter, and put it back on. Nonetheless, if the tubing is functioning through your walls, it may not be that easy. If you know you have a straight tube from the loft, you can affix a brush to a rope and let it down into the tube. It will pick up the dirt, but you will not be able to get out a block. If you do not know how the tubing runs, it is better to engage someone who does this for a living. You could displace an elbow and then have theactual problem on your hands. The vent should be clear up out at least once a year. This can save you many hassles and save on your bills.

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