Designing a Stylish and Functional Family Room

A family room should provide all the essential elements for relaxing and entertaining as well as enabling adults, children and any pets to blend harmoniously within this one room. Here are some thought-provoking tips to create the perfect family room.

Get space savvy

Unless you live in a mansion, you’ll probably need to think carefully how you organise the space in your family room, so that it doesn’t look cramped or crowded. This can prove a challenge, as you’ll need to cater for all family members. Ask yourself what the room will be used for, what activities will take place there, etc. For instance, if you have children, they’ll need an area for playing. Teenagers might want to listen to music or watch TV in the family room. Other family members might need a quiet corner for contemplating or reading after a busy day.

Whatever functions you want the room to incorporate, it’ll require savvy planning and strategies to make the most of the limited space.

Allocate areas

Creating a functional and stylish family room can be effective if you designate specific areas of the room to each family member. Make sure it’s a cohesive blend, rather than giving the impression you’ve chopped the room up haphazardly. Ensure easy access flow from one part of the room to another and avoid clutter from building up. Establish one style or theme for the family room, although feel free to add a twist to this theme for each designated area of the room. The key is to ensure it all blends in well together.

Colour schemes

Choose colour schemes that will suit all family members’ tastes. If in doubt, opt for neutral tones, which are a general crowd-pleaser. You can also combine colours that work well together, but make sure each designated area of the room uses colour combinations that co-ordinate perfectly with the rest of the room.

Clever storage ideas

A family room has the potential to soon become cluttered, so keep this hub-of-the-home in check with smart but stylish storage solutions. A wooden chest can be a great asset for storing kids’ toys away in, whilst doubling up as a seat for them to sit on.

Make the most of shelving for storing books, CDs, etc. Mount your TV onto a wall to save space. Instead of opting for a bulky coffee table, consider having a nest of tables, which can be stored away neatly. Foot stools that double up as seats or beanbags can take up less space than bulky sofas, and are great fun for kids to sit on. Opt for durable furniture that looks good but is easy to wipe clean, such as leather sofas.


If your family room is used for a variety of purposes, it’s worthwhile installing lighting in the room to suit each function. A quiet corner for chilling out or watching TV requires soft lighting, whereas an area for reading or studying necessitates brighter lighting, for instance. Incorporate task lights into the different zones to give the room multi-functional appeal. The key is to ensure the different lights you choose fit in with the overall theme or style of the room.

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