More Current Kitchen Trends And Gift Ideas

This article offers an exploration of new trends in kitchenware that might be suitable as gifts, from the novel to the traditional. Discussion of the suitability of each item as a gift for particular occasions.

There is nothing better than a practical gift and the cooks in your life will love you for buying them the latest kitchenware. The last year has been a particularly good one for cooking and baking enthusiasts. We have enjoyed TV bakery competitions, the Cupcake Revolution, the Royal Wedding and attendant street parties. It seems like cooking and baking has come of age. Retro is here to stay and the drive towards simplicity and back to basics sits well with the baking revival and economic austerity. So what are the latest kitchenware trends and what is still considered classic and collectable?

Ice Cream Makers
Ice-cream makers have hit the ‘simple living’ trend. The advantage of being able to choose pure, unprocessed ingredients, plus the sheer childlike thrill of creating your own brand ice-cream, makes this an excellent gift for all ages. There are a number of children’s models available now at very low cost. Grown up versions can range from under twenty pounds, up into the hundreds.

Slightly more pricey, but guaranteed to be a welcome gift, juicing machines are also in the top ten gadget list this year. The juice produced is sublime and you have the option of creating your own ridiculously healthy vegetable juices too. Most come with mouth-watering recipes.

Denby Cookware
Denby crockery has never gone out of fashion and it remains a classic choice for wedding gifts and on-going collectable items. The company has kept up to date and you might be surprised by some of the trendy stripes and 50s geometric patterning that has appeared of late. The Heritage Pavilion and Veranda Ranges are a retro delight and pieces start affordably low for those adding to a collection. Denby have also increased their cookware ranges and you can rely on the brand for solid, no-nonsense quality, making their products ideal for wedding gifts or a special occasion.

Picnic Sets
Picnic sets are the kind of item you don’t realise it is nice to have until you have one. This makes them a perfect gift. Picnic sets have come on a long way in the last few years   possibly following the ‘glamping’ trend. From Hipnic picnic bags to traditional baskets and backpacks, there is a look for every age range. A top of the range set is a lovely wedding gift idea. Prices start from as little as twenty pounds.

Gadgets Galore
Gadgets on everyone’s shopping lists at present include infrared thermometers, which can give you an instant temperature reading from a distance, 3D icing bead moulds for perfect icing trim every time, on-the-go water purifying bottles and retro slush-makers for children. Kitchen gadgets range from the ridiculous   the giant carrot sharpener   to the incredibly useful. Money-saving ice-lolly makers have really taken off this year and really are the healthiest way to keep children cool in the heat wave.

Monica is a seasoned cookery writer and contributes to several online cookery websites, including Denby UK and industry press.


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