Creating A Kid’s Playroom In A Garden Shed

As soon as the weather gets warmer, your kids will no doubt be begging to get into the garden, and it’s always a great relief to get them out the house. Not only does playing in the garden keep them from under your feet, but outdoor play has health benefits for children, and is encouraged by many parents. However, if you live in a country with unpredictable weather, you may need to adapt your garden to make it easier to use in different conditions. That’s why so many parents are turning their sheds into play areas where toys and bikes can be stored, and kids can retreat to when the weather is bad.

Although there are many outdoor playhouses on the market, these can be more expensive and smaller than a normal garden shed, and creative parents often prefer to convert a new or existing shed.

Converting the space is often easy, and includes simple DIY jobs such as:

  • Weatherproofing and varnishing the shed
  • Putting down some comfortable flooring
  • Painting the interior walls of the shed
  • Putting up shelving
  • Adding a window if the shed doesn’t have one
  • These can be done in minimal time, and you can often find shed paints in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to easily choose a theme. You can also use materials you already own, for example using an off-cut of carpet for flooring, meaning the budget for this kind of conversion can be kept low.

    Types of shed

    The design and theme you use will often depend on the kind of shed you have. Many homes have standard wooden models, but some parents prefer to use steel sheds and other hard-wearing options as they can be ideal for children who perhaps enjoy some rough play.

    Dual space

    Most playrooms need to be suitable for storage, as well as playtime, so you’ll need to ensure you create space for both. Choose some practical, hard-wearing storage solutions such as heavy duty shelves or plastic boxes. If they look a little dull, they can always be livened up with a quick DIY paint job, or even some decoupage for a fun effect.

    An area for outdoor toys is often essential, as they will need to be kept indoors during the rain. Bike racks and other specialist solutions often make this easier, and can keep expensive toys safe and secure. This also keeps them off the floor, and means there’s more room to play and mess around.

    Child proofing

    One of the most important elements of creating a play space is safety, and this means ensuring that the room is childproofed. Make sure sharp edges are filed down, and that things such as shelves are kept at an appropriate level. You can also get specialist furniture for these kinds of spaces, such as padded items which are fun, decorative, and safe for kids of all ages.

    A playroom is a great addition to any house. It gives your children somewhere that they can call their own, and it’s a great way to store their toys, meaning their bedroom space is less cluttered. Many people use their shed as a playroom because it’s away from the house, so there’s a lot less noise and commotion. This is a big relief during the long school holidays or other times when you need to keep the kids entertained, and it means they can have a space where they can make a mess, play pretend, and do all those fun things that everyone associates with childhood. All while giving you some space and allowing you to enjoy some peace and quiet.

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