Everything You Need To Know About Crabtree Electrical In South Africa

Today we are going to talk about a great company in the country of South Africa.  It is called Crabtree Electrical. This company has been around since 1947 making electrical parts for the country.

 What Is Crabtree Electrical?

So as I stated above Crabtree Electrical started in 1947 as a small company making electrical parts and became popular very quickly. Some of the parts this company is known for are circuit breakers, wiring, conduit, fittings, cable management systems, classic, and diamond ducting ranges, distribution boards and industrial wiring. An example of their great technology is the diamond ducting range. Now using this system you only need one cover plate, and it is easy for the user.  The unit also comes with all switches, cords, sockets, all telephone and internet cables, and light switches.   All of Crabtree products are sold by Aberdare Cables.  All of the facilities where the parts were made have been given ISO 9001:2000 certification. All items made by Crabtree have met quality standards named by South American bureau of Standards.   Not only do they have a customer service center and a main office located in Johannesburg, they have factories in Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Bloemfontein, George, Nelspruit, Exports, and Middelburg.  Not only does Crabtree Electrical supply parts for South Africa they are also used all over Africa as an export. If you are looking an email address to talk to the call center or to make an order email orders@aberdare.co.za and if you need to talk to the head office of this company you can call (011) 396-8000 or email info@crabtree.co.za.

Who Runs This Company?

The Board of Directors of Crabtree Electrical are JC Myers, who is not only the Chairman, of the Board of Directors, he is the Managing Director of the company. The other people on the Board of Directors are E. Roats, P. Tolmay, and G. Campetti. The registration number for their company is 1964/007250/. The website is www.crabtee.co.za for any additional information needed.   There is also an online catalog available so you can look through and decide what you need. If you click on the download button it will bring you up a list of over 15 different products and how to use them, and how to run them. You can download instructions for products, safety pamphlets, and even directions to the factories.

I hope you found this article informative about Crabtree Electrical.  If you need commercial electric supplies or even for your home, their customer service and outstanding products will exceed your expectations. I have included all of the phone numbers, emails and website so you can easily contact them if you need them.


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