Cool Tips for Lighting Up Your Living Room

Comfortable, relaxing, and a restful environment is what everyone seeks for in their living room. You can add brilliance to your home and set the tone of happiness in your living home with the help of the right lights. Your living room is the first place that the arriving guests see. They expect a warm welcome with its style and décor. Adding essential lights can enhance the liveliness of the room.


Living room is one of the busiest rooms and hence it becomes important to decorate with style and elegance. One needs to combine creativity, good taste and elegance. It would be great to use space, accessories and furniture, but lighting plays more important role to create a living area that is relaxing, inviting, elegant and homely. It can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home. You will enjoy the ambiance as it will add beauty and “melodrama” to a room. It can even make a small room look airy and spacious after a long tiring day. Adding appropriate lights can create an exciting atmosphere for a night of entertainment or relaxation.


A good lighting plan can help you to create lively atmosphere. If you are new to this, then this post will definitely help you to design and decorate living room with lights. You can add ceiling light in the center of the ceiling wall that can provide general lights in the room. You should closely look at the different areas of your living room to create an individual mood lighting with it. Everyone has its own lifestyle, so depending on the theme of your living décor you can select the type of lighting. If there are dark corners in the room, it would be advisable to use lamps that will provide light during the day and will also light up the areas which are dark.


On the other hand, it is important to check what kind of environment you want in your living room. This will enable you to decide what type of lighting need to be in your room. For instance, you should properly examine how big your room is.  If space in the area is large, adding stand lamps can be useful, whereas in smaller space you can definitely add hanging lamps.


Today, there is great demand for paper lamps that are inexpensive and unobtrusive. These lamps are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. In most cases, paper lamps are hung individually although you can also hang them in groups. These lighting fixtures can provide aesthetic appearance whether the inside bulbs are lit or not.Apart from these, you can also make use of sconces which are often installed in pairs. They are usually introduced to define the living room’s local point that compliments firelight.


Chandeliers are one of the most classic lighting fixtures. Their sculptural shapes fill the void between the ceiling and the living space. Often, they are available in candle shaped bulbs that provide sparkle in the room. In addition to these, you can even add recessed lighting, fan lights, skylights, window lights, floor lamps, track lighting and other multiple types of lighting.

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