Cool Decorating Ideas and Tips for Kids’ Rooms

If you are a creative person, it is easy to convert the room of your kid into something magical, with a little money. Here are some affordable kids’ room decorating tips you can use when designing and arranging a playful and creative room for your kid.

Keep things at your kid’s height
When designing your kid’s room, make sure to keep things at his or her height. This will help your kid stay organized. Your kid will use the coat racks, closet storage and benches more often if it is easy to get to them.

Create a mini art gallery
A great way to keep things simple and affordable while still keeping it creative is decorating one of the walls in your kid’s room with gallery-style wall decor. You can fill the wall with cute pictures, paintings and wall decor, with colourful frames.

Use chalkboard paint
Most of the time parents get annoyed when their kids start to draw on the walls. But why not be creative and make it into your advantage? You can wainscot a wall in your kid’s room and use chalkboard paint to turn it into a continuous art center. You can pick any colour for the chalkboard paint and simply install a chair rail and paint below.

Glow in the dark walls
You can buy an additive to wall paint that makes it glow in the dark. Use it to paint a moon and a few stars on the ceiling. Or if you are really good at painting, you can also paint a cityscape on one of the walls. This will make your kid excited about turning off the lights at night.

Accessorise with patterns
One of the best ways to add flair to your kid’s room is using patterned accessories. Try to go for materials with patterns rather than going for plain colours when choosing pillow cases, bed sheets, curtains, rugs, etc. Also buy them in colours that complement each other.

Create a display space
Every kid loves to display their work; so it is important to give them a display space in the room. Galvanized metal sheets can be brought from most of the home improvement stores for a fairly cheap price and can easily be used to make display space. You can simply add a frame and mount them on the wall to make an instant magnetic board.

Get an activity table
An activity table is a part of any great kids’ room. Be sure to buy one with storage bins and an adjustable height, which will let your kid enjoy it in the years to come.

Multiple lighting
It is important to have several types of lighting in your kid’s room. Installing a reading light is as much important as installing the overall lighting. It might even help your kid find the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Get a piggy bank
A stylish piggy bank will not only add more flair to your kid’s room, but will also help them in starting the good habit of saving.

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