The Many Different Concrete Driveway Finishes

Many homeowners have decided that concrete driveways are for them.  They are cost friendly, easy to maintain, and look great once you factor in the many different finishes they can pick from.  Gone are the days of only having a standard plain gray concrete driveway.  With many different finishes to pick from, the driveway is easy to customize to what the homeowner really wants and needs.

Why Choose A Concrete Driveway?

Many times the question is asked why a homeowner should choose a concrete driveway.  First off they are very easy to maintain.  They are easy to clean, and fit into nearly every budget.  The look that one can have from a driveway can resemble so many different things, such as sandstone, river rock, tile, and much more.  The value of a concrete driveway will make the whole drive look like it cost a lot more than what it did, depending on which finish the homeowner has chosen.

The Types Of Concrete Driveway Finishes

The Broom finish is one of the simplest finishes for a driveway.  A broom is pulled across wet concrete to form a texture. Fine lines are in the concrete once it is dry. The cost of this finish is very low, yet has some great value for those that do not simply want the standard smooth concrete.  An added plus to this and any driveway finish is it will not be a slipping hazard when it is wet.

Stained concrete is another finish that is quite popular.  One great thing about stained finishes is that it can be used for newly poured concrete or for concrete that has been already poured.  After the concrete has been cured, it is sprayed with a concrete stain, or painted on with a stain. There are many colors that the homeowner may pick from, and the look is astonishing.  This driveway finish can look of marble, making the concrete driveway look much more expensive than it truly is.

Colored concrete is another way for a cool concrete driveway finish.  One can either have color added to the concrete mix, or they can add a colored powder finish to the concrete.  This is a reasonable way to personalize your driveway, adding a bit of color for not a lot of money.

The washed finish exposes the concrete that has had the top layer washed off.  While this is not the most attractive, it is a very low cost way to concrete a driveway and still have a finish on it.

A salt finish is usually used with colored concrete.  A rock salt is added to the surface of the concrete, and then washed away.  This results in small pits that are visible in the surface of the concrete.

Stamped concrete is used when the concrete is laid then large cutters make patterns on the concrete.  Color may also be added to this.  It often resembles flagstone, brick, tile, slate and wood.  Patterns are embossed to give texture to the concrete.  This is one of the priciest ways to finish your driveway, but the results are fabulous.

There are many great finishes that are available for those that are looking to pour a new concrete driveway.  The choices we have discussed above will make the route to your front door much nicer than standard concrete.  The decision is all yours based on what look and color scheme you are going for.  So go ahead and be adventurous and pick a finish today for your new concrete driveway.

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