Colour Scheme Ideas for Your Daughter’s Bedroom

If you have a special little girl, you’ll want to supply her with a unique sleeping environment that reflects her sense of style and personality. This can be difficult to do as there is quite a variety of colour schemes and design ideas available out there. So that you only have to renovate once, here are some bedroom combinations that might work for your daughter’s slice of home. Just remember to ask her first to see if she’s happy with the interior changes you’re about to make.

  • While pink is the first choice, you’ll need to avoid overpowering the senses. Too much will definitely be a turnoff, especially if you choose bright tones that really stand out. Rather, you should use bed linen, wall paint and other decorations that feature dashes of pink, mixed with white or cream. This will ensure that the overall design is easy on the eyes while remaining as feminine as your daughter desires.
  • To form a more interesting environment for your kid, why not clash a few colours? While this might seem counterintuitive when it comes to good design, choosing two uncomplimentary tones can actually work well. Mix your blues with your oranges, your reds with your greens, and create a vibrant, fun-filled bedroom setting that your daughter will love. Make waking up and going to sleep an exciting prospect by playing with colours in a creative way.
  • On the other hand, your little girl might want something more mature. In this case, you can focus on creating a grown-up bedroom for her to spend time in. This theme will be predominantly white as this is typically a colour reserved for the adults. If your daughter has reached her teenage years, this can be a great way to show her that she’s growing up into a mature young woman.
  • If your daughter isn’t a fan of pink, you should opt for some neutral colours instead. Whites, browns and greys can still create the perfect setting for your little girl. Of course, the kids bedroom furniture that you choose will still have to include some feminine touches. Choose pillow covers with frills or bedside tables that are bright red. Add some small touches to distinguish this room from her brother’s.
  • If you have two children sharing one bedroom, you can use colour schemes to divide the area and give each their own space. For example, you can deck one half of the room in a mature neutral tone for your teenage daughter while decorating the other half in fairy pink for your younger girl. Use dividers so that each has their own territory as well. This will avoid disputes and create harmony despite the shared living space.
  • Another interesting colour scheme is mixing blue and pink to create a classic country styled interior. Paint the walls navy blue, buy some white shelves and side tables, and place some light pink blanket and pillow sets on the bed. Opt for a floral pattern whenever you can to enhance the rural feel and heighten the internal beauty of the room. This will give your daughter a relaxing setting in which to spend time each day.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways in which you can do up your little girl’s bedroom whether she’s 6 or 16 years old. We hope that the above has given you some inspiration when it comes to home design. Your daughter deserves her own space to grow up in and the right colour schemes can certainly help her with this. Just employ a little creativity and you can form a bedroom setting that your child will really love.

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