Every Closet Has A Corner – 3 Creative Ways To Utilize Them

Every inch of space is vital in a closet. In fact, most people don’t realize that a closet has so much dead space that can be put to use. However, people are often at a loss of how to do so. In fact, closet corners are often the most challenging when it comes to dead closet space.

For many people, they seem completely useless. However, in almost every closet there is a corner, whether a squared corner, or curved corner, you could be facing a challenge with dead space.

So here are a few great ideas to help you use up that dead closet space and create more space especially in a small closet.You can implement these ideas for just about any kind of closet.


Even though your hanging poles may stretch out all the way from corner to corner, there is a lot of space left towards the bottom. Building shelves that will fit in the corner of your closet will allow you to store personal essentials.

Things such as scarves, necklaces, socks and other pieces of clothing or jewelry can be stored on the shelves. In fact you can even use these corner shelves as an area to store your shoes. Another option would be to fill the corner space completely with corner shelves and shorten the hanging poles to meet it.

This will allow you to have room for both hanging clothes and essentials for shelving.


Most often while getting dressed you don’t have a place to sit down or an area to put on or tie your shoes. A corner seat is a wonderful idea for that dead corner closet space. In addition, you might consider adding a mirror just above the seat and at the top a corner shelf with a door for some extra pizazz. This seat can be a great addition as well as a great assistant!


Another great way to get the most out of the corner would be a corner carousel. A great benefit is that carousels won’t get in the way of any sliding wardrobe doors. You can hang all of your shirts or even fold your jeans or slacks in half over each hanger and hang them on the carousel.

This will also free up a lot of closet space and help to unclutter the closet and be more organized for other things. Once you see how much can fit on the corner carousel, you might think you have to go shopping for more clothes. Don’t forget you have the option of adding a few shelves above the carousel.

Almost everybody has a closet, and some are always looking for ways to utilize all the space that is available.

In addition to these tips, remember to keep your wardrobe tidy and in organized order at all times. This will give you much more space to work with, to the point where you will probably want to go out and treat yourself to some more clothes to fill it up!

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