How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

Let’s face it – not many of us like household chores. When it comes to mopping floors and wiping windows it’s something that most of us would rather not do! However seeing as the only other option is to live in squalor, most of us grin and bear it. Thankfully there are a few hints and tips you can take advantage of to make your cleaning life easier.

Work Downwards

If you’re doing a whole spring clean you should work from the top of your house and work downwards. That way you can avoid spreading dirt all over rooms you have already cleaned.

Pace Yourself

No one expects you to suddenly become an expert cleaner and do the whole house in one go. If you want to have a big spring clean you could easily split this up over a couple of days and do one room at a time.

Be Brutal

If you’re cleaning up piles of junk you haven’t used in forever, then get rid of it! We’re a nation of hoarders which means that often we get left with piles of items that we never use – these just clutter up a room and make them look messier. Be brutal and throw away items that you really do not need.

Don’t Forget The Curtains

Curtains are notorious for storing dirt and dust. Try and get into the habit of having these dry cleaned at least once a year to keep them as clean as possible.

Deep Clean

Much like curtains, your carpets need a good clean a couple of times a year too! You can hire a carpet cleaner machine to do this or look at getting a company in such as Ideal Cleaning to take care of this for you. They offer a range of services so should be able to do whatever cleaning jobs in your home that you need help with.

Dust Everywhere

If you don’t dust everywhere then the dust that you forget about will spread everywhere. Try and think about the places where dust might be that you can’t see. For example remove lampshades and dust the shade, globes and bulbs around any lighting fixings.


Most of us are in the good habit of changing our bedding regularly which is great. What we also need to do is give our mattress a turn over once or twice a year (head to foot as well as completely over). When you do this give the mattress a vacuum too!

Get Everyone Involved

Remember that keeping your home tidy is not your sole responsibility. You need to make sure that the whole family do their bit. Encourage very young children to tidy their own room and put their toys away. Older children can be involved in household chores such as washing up – any little help that can reduce the workload for you.

There is nothing nicer than a clean and tidy house to come home to after a long day at work – hopefully these tips will help to make that happen.


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