Choosing The Perfect Cot For Your Nursery

When designing your dream nursery the cot is perhaps the most important element and will often be the centrepiece of the room.  Almost all new Mums will base their nursery furniture design around the cot. It is now recommended that babies sleep in their parents room until around 6 months old as this has been shown to reduce the risk of cot death. Often space does not allow for a cot in the parents’ room so babies are generally moved into their cot in their own room once they have grown out of their moses basket or crib.

Orpheus cotCot or cot bed

Cots generally come in two types.  A traditional cot is slightly smaller than a cot bed taking a mattress size of 60x120cm.  A cot bed in comparison takes a mattress size of 70x140cm.  Whether you choose a cot or cot bed will therefore depend upon space but also how long you want the cot to last.  Cot beds as their name suggests turn into a toddler bed when the time is ready and are intended to last until your little one is approximately 4 years old.  These are great when your toddler first moves into a bed as they are lower to the ground and your little one will not feel suddenly lost in the expanse of a larger single bed.  However, if you have a larger child or one that likes to wriggle a lot you may find that they grow out of the cot bed sooner than 4 years.  Another consideration is whether you decide to have a second child and the age gap.  Would you need the cot again and therefore have to buy a new bed for your eldest anyway?

Choosing the colour of your cot or cot bed

The colour of your cot will probably depict the theme for your whole nursery so it is important to get this right.  All white seems to be the favourite choice for nurseries at the moment.  Whether you are having a boy or girl this blank canvas gives a clean, crisp and fresh finish to your nursery, allowing you to decorate with splashes of colour through nursery artwork, toys, cot mobiles and other items.  You may choose, however, to purchase a cot, which is more in keeping with the rest of your home whether this be solid oak or a mahogany or walnut finish.  Or you may be daring and choose a bright modern colour for your nursery if you know the sex of your baby you may opt for a blue or pink cot.  There are lots of options to choose from and many companies will also offer a bespoke service to pick a specific colour of your choice.

Style of cot or cot bed

The style of your cot will largely depend upon whether you are looking for a modern and contemporary nursery theme or a more traditional look.  The sleigh cots and cot beds are still very popular and create a grand and majestic look with their soft curves, but they tend to be a lot larger than perhaps a more contemporary version.  Given the news of the impending new Royal arrival you may choose a more regal look and choose a four -poster cot or fairy carriage cot.  It is also possible to get your cot personalised either with your favourite children’s artwork or with your child’s name.  With so many to choose from on the market you are sure to find your dream choice, with or without your dream price tag!

Rachel is proud owner of Custard & Crumble, a designer online boutique selling luxury nursery furniture, nursery bedding and décor.  She is a Mumpreneur and while working on the website she also manages to juggle life with a toddler!



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