Why you should choose wood for your kitchen worktop

Solid wood offers a number of advantages for a kitchen worktop. Whether you’ve got a classic country style kitchen or a more contemporary decor, there’s a type of wood that will suit. They do require maintenance, but this isn’t as intensive as many people presume.

Many homeowners aspire to having a wooden worktop fitted in their kitchen, as it can instantly transform the room. Their natural beauty has a unique style that will suit any kitchen design and its durability makes it a more cost effective option than you first think. What are the benefits of wood and are there any areas you need to consider?


Wooden worktops come in a range of different styles and colours, which all have unique features and benefits. The finish you decide on will depend on your own preference and what will work best with your particular kitchen. Kitchen work surfaces can be produced in a number of woods, including:

- Oak
- Walnut
- Beech
- Maple
- Cherry

What are the benefits of wood?

When you’re researching different work surfaces, it’s important to look at a number of retailers, such as Worktop Express, so you can see exactly what’s available. As with any product, there are price tags to suit a range of budgets, but it’s always best to go for the highest quality you can afford. As opposed to more manufactured surfaces, solid wood won’t deteriorate in the same way and is extremely durable. It will actually get better with age, as the colouring intensifies. If there is any damage or scratches in your worktop, these can easily be removed by sanding the surface. A wooden work surface is also a much healthier option that other materials. It’s naturally resistant to bacteria, so there’s less chance of infecting the food you’re preparing.

How to care for your wooden worktop

Often people think that having a wooden work surface will require a substantial amount of maintenance. However, this isn’t true and as long as you clear up spills quickly and treat your wood, there’s no reason for it to take too long. The important part to remember is to treat the wood with oil on a regular basis. This will protect the wood and provide a water resistant barrier. The surface should be treated when it’s first installed and then topped up around every 6 months or sooner if you think it’s necessary.

If you spill water or other liquids on your worktop, you need to wipe these up as soon as possible. Warm soapy water is the best way of cleaning the wood and make sure you dry it afterwards. It’s important not to use any harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean the surface or any bleach containing products. Don’t put any hot pans or oven trays directly onto the wooden surface, as this could damage it. Instead invest in some metal stands to protect the wood from the heat. Food should be chopped on separate boards and not on the wood itself.

Wooden worktops are an investment in your home. As long as you look after them, they’re very durable and could even increase the value of your home. There are a number of online retailers to choose from, including Worktop Express.


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