How to Choose a Swimming Pool Contractor

A swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any home and provides a whole range of social, health and also investment benefits to the individual and also the home. However, the first step to getting the pool you wish for is to find a contractor that will provide you with your dream pool.

Before you decide on a pool, you need to evaluate what you need, what you desire and also your budget. This ensures that you stay within your financial means. In addition, you also need to decide on how the pool will be used. Do you expect people will use the pool for a splash about or more for swimming lengths? This is a major factor when choosing the right pool and ensures you get the most use from it possible.

When looking for a contractor there are a number of things that you should take into account and follow to ensure you’re getting the best contractor


Get a number of quotes and make sure that the contractors all bid to meet the same criteria. Ensure that their bids include materials and labour and specify as many details as possible. Remember that the lowest price isn’t always the best value in the long run and sometimes paying a little more is a good thing.

One of the best ways to see how good a company’s business is and their past work has been is to ask them to send you references and show you images of the pool area. If they are a local company they may have installed pools in and around your locality and may be able to show you some of their handiwork in the first person. This can be a great way to evaluate how good they are and whether they live up to their promises.

Who will do the Work?

Find out who will do the work before you decide on the contractor. Some swimming pool builders use employees directly, while others are more inclined to sub contract aspects of the work out to other people. If they do that, ask them for the names of the subcontractors so you can take a look and see how they perform. The Internet is a great tool for scoping out how companies act and their results. In addition, if the company uses contractors, ask if they will still be the ones responsible if there is an issue with the pool.


Ask the builder or the pool installer if they will perform any necessary site and soil evaluations. These may be a necessity and can be part of the requirements for building the pool in some areas.


Often builders will offer you the option of financing. However, these are not always the cheapest and it’s often a lot better to look around to see if you can find better terms from alternative lenders.


Builders and pool installers will often employ sales people to inform you about your pool. However, these people will also be very experienced in making sales and you should never feel pressurised into making a sale or signing a contract. Of course, never pay the full amount up front and use a credit card to make any payment to ensure you are protected as the consumer.


Ensure there is a warranty or contract and all of the paper work covers the materials and the labour and is in writing and signed by both parties.

These tips should help ensure that you get the right pool installer for your home and end up with your dream area to splash about or do lengths in.


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