How to Choose Furniture for Open Plan Spaces

Home FurnishingsChoosing furniture for larger, open plan spaces is a totally different ball game to populating the average room with a three piece suite and a coffee table. In a smaller room, your placement as well as the style of furniture is to a large extent led by the dimensions of the available space. Larger and open plan spaces have a different set of rules and of course, much more freedom of choice!

If you are lucky enough to have a large, open plan home then you’ll know all about the issues which you can face when choosing furniture for your home. Getting the right look in a large space can be tricky…there’s a lot to consider in terms of light and also in terms of pieces looking “lost” within the vast expanse.

One of the tricks often used by interior designers in an open plan space is that of “zoning” the floor-space. Creating a number of set areas within a large space will not only draw the area together but also allow the occupants to carry out a variety of tasks or leisure activities at the same time and without getting in one another’s way!

Open Plan Furniture

If your open plan home has a kitchen area, then the only furniture which should be in this area are bar stools for family to comfortably sit whilst having a snack. Tables for eating meals from should be sited away from the cooking area in order that those who are eating won’t be disturbed by any cooking activity. Similarly, seating for watching television should be in a designated area well away from the kitchen area. Choose the space furthest away from the kitchen area and select large seating…another tip is to choose large-scale prints for soft furnishings. You can really afford to go bold in your open plan space as you need to keep things in proportion…tiny prints will appear lost in the space.

In addition to larger sofas and chairs, you will be at liberty to select larger shelving or display units than the average home owner. At we’d advise you to Look at room dividing shelves which can also be used as screens…if you’d like to make a quiet zone for reading or relaxing, then a shelving unit sited in such a way that if will afford some privacy is a great idea.


Rugs and floor cushions are another good addition to large scale, open plan rooms. Carefully placed they will create “pathways” between areas which will act as a natural border between your zones and the room’s flow will feel natural and comfortable to those who are living in it.

Lighting is another consideration and larger scale pieces are always a good option. Look for tall standard lamps and hanging industrial style ceiling lamps which can be adjusted to provide light in only the areas which need them.

A large, open plan home is a luxurious way of living but it’s also a little tricky to get right in terms of design. Experiment and try things in different zones; this will open up new possibilities for using your space and you’ll also discover that your room has endless scope in terms of creating a comfortable and pleasant place to live.


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