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Ask any BYU-Idaho guy what he would have done differently his first few semesters and his answer is the same: picked a better place to live. It’s hard choosing an apartment complex to live in when you don’t live in Idaho and all you have to go off of is a website and a few online reviews. Cost may be a factor in your decision, and it was with all of the guys we asked when it came to their suggestion to incoming freshies: pay a little more to get a lot more when it comes to your first college apartment.


If you are new to college life or even just to Rexburg, there are a few things that you need to know: first, byu-idahomens housing usually has 6 guys per apartment, and 2 guys per room. Some of the nicer and newer apartments, like The Ivy Apartments, offer private bedrooms for each apartment. Most of the freshman horror stories you hear have to do with putting up with weird roommates that you have to share a room with, so if you want to avoid that altogether, pay a little more to get the private bedroom.

In addition to the private bedroom, it’s not a bad idea to pick an apartment to live in where you already know someone. Whether they live just a few doors down, or maybe you want to room together, having someone you already know makes it easier in several aspects. Honestly, you will be meeting plenty of new people if you put yourself out there, so having someone that you already know can help you feel more confident when you are out with everyone or trying new things. If you have a friend or roommate that is ok with it, sharing food and splitting the cost for groceries is a lot easier with two people than trying to buy for one.

On top of having a roommate or friend in your apartment, it is important to set some boundaries and responsibilities with them and your other roommates. Unlike other college campuses, BYUI facilitates mandatory clean checks every other week to make sure that you are taking care of your apartment and not trashing it. If you don’t set some boundaries from the beginning, some of your roommates might not pick up after themselves and help around the apartment. Set the boundaries from the start to avoid ridiculous arguments and annoyed roommates.

The last but definitely most important aspect of your first apartment: the internet. Obviously you will need it for school, but what about Netflix or streaming the game on your laptop? Having a fast and reliable internet connection will help you keep up with school, and catch up on sportscenter as needed. If you pick an apartment that doesn’t have wifi, or maybe is too slow to use, you are in for a painfully long semester. If you want to live somewhere where you don’t need to worry about internet, The Ivy Apartments have incredibly fast cable connections in every apartment and study room so you don’t have to walk back to campus to use the library. If you aren’t going to live at the ivy, then you will seriously need to do your homework on the complexes that you are looking at to make sure that you are picking the right one for the best first semester ever.

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