Things You Can Make With Your Bread Machine Besides Normal Bread

Bread Machines are an excellent invention, and over the last couple of decades many households have invested in one of these awesome pieces of kit to ensure the best loaves are served up with every meal in their house. As technology has advanced, and the world of food blogging and social sharing has evolved, more and more people have found ways to experiment with their bread machines and manufacturers are now even making them with lots of different modes to prepare other culinary delights! Here are some of the best things you can rustle up besides bread.


We all know that dough is the main basis of pizza as well as bread, and using the dough setting available on most bread machines you are able to prepare an amazing base for a pizza. This is a really cool recipe if you have children and you can get them involved really easily by picking their favorite toppings, once the dough is made it really is just a case of slapping on your toppings and sticking it in the oven, what could be simpler? Plus you can even add herbs and nuts for even more variation.


This is a little bit more tough but this can be done with loads of bread machines these days. Pasta dough will let you make brilliant lasagnas and other pasta dishes. This can even be great for people limited to diets that demand they don’t eat gluten as you can make your pasta with gluten free alternatives.


The sweet alternative to savory bread, a cake mode will take a lot of the difficult aspects of mixing and preparing a cake off your hands and automate it all, you can bake some beautiful cakes in the most advanced bread machines in this day and age.

Pita and Flat Breads

Again, you’ll be using the dough setting for this. You may choose to do it yeast free, separate the dough when it is prepared, flatten it on a baking tray and stick it in the oven, voila! A beautiful bread machine pita bread.

Jams and Preserves

This sounds like a funny one, but the technology involved in making bread machines has come so far that you can now make a great tasting jam by using a setting on your bread machine! A bit different to the other types of food mentioned and not baking, but don’t let that fool you, you can make a brilliant jam in a bread maker.

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