Once You’ve Bought a House in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place to buy a holiday home or reside permanently, and if you’re lucky enough to have bought a property in this paradisiacal country you’ve no doubt many décor and renovation ideas in mind for your Costa Rican property.

As Costa Rica is an immensely affordable part of the world to buy property, most property buyers are quick to start decorating, furnishing, remodelling and renovating the homes they buy, and in addition to enhancing their home’s attractive and comfortable features, remodelling and renovating also enhances their value. Here are a few helpful tips for decorating, furnishing, remodelling and renovating your Costa Rican property.


If you’d like to render your Costa Rican property authentically local you’ll be using plenty of earthy colours in your colour schemes. Depending on your property, you might like to look at adding wooden features, as this is popular amongst Costa Rican homeowners, and don’t forget to use plants to add to the earthy nature of the decor. Seeing that Costa Rica is a tropical country, the majority of homeowners like to bring a touch of the tropics to the interior of their homes, and doing so involves using earthy colours, natural wooden features and woven products like mats and wall hangings.

Combining earthy, natural colour schemes with wooden features and woven products with indoor plants is a delightful effect, and you can continue this trend from the interior of your home to the exterior of your home. Maybe you’d like to add a comfortable outdoor sitting area if it’s currently lacking one, or renovating and remodelling an existing outdoor area so that it includes these appealing Costa Rican features, and you have una bonita casa para llamar a casa – a beautiful house to call home.


Wood furniture, both indoors and out, is big in Costa Rica and don’t forget to source furniture created with wood produced exclusively from environmentally friendly forestry plantations. As in many countries, Costa Rican forests are threatened by illegal logging and you don’t want to be part of the problem but rather part of the solution.

In many furniture markets custom furniture is prohibitively expensive, but in Costa Rica, due to an abundance of skilled labour and immensely affordable natural materials, it’s actually very reasonable and if you can’t source mass produced furniture that appeals to your taste, which is highly unlikely, you might like to look at having custom furniture created.

Remodelling and renovations

Costa Rican properties are built to US standards and in keeping in line with these standards you’ll need to source skilled labour to carry out any remodelling and renovation work you have in mind. This, however, won’t prove to be a problem because there’s an abundance of highly skilled labour in the country, plus as labour is affordable as it is, there’s no reason for any property owner to skimp and put their investment at risk.

If you’ve bought an older property, of which there are many to look at when perusing Costa Rica real estate listings, perhaps the most beneficial work to engage in is rendering your property more suitable for modern lifestyles. A high percentage of interior space in older properties goes unutilised, and not only in Costa Rica but throughout the world, so before remodelling and renovating it might prove advantageous to give some thought to this and remodel and renovate accordingly.

Another consideration to take into account when remodelling and renovating your Costa Rican home concerns your patios and outdoor areas. As the Costa Rican climate and weather is heavenly you’ll most likely be spending a healthy amount of time sitting outside enjoying the sun and hopefully a wonderfully cool breeze on what are often very hot summer days.

Tiled floors are the most popular choice of flooring for patios and outdoor areas, and once again earthy colours and wooden features are profusely used and accentuated with the addition of plants, both potted and planted in the earth surrounding the outdoor sitting area. Furthermore, you’ll also find it advantageous to have a shaded area and an area in the sun in which to sit and enjoy the weather, which in Costa Rica is heavenly all year round.

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