The Benefits of Automated Gates

There are many benefits to installing automated gates instead of a manually operated one. Yes, an automated gate will cost a little more than a traditional gate, but the benefits need consideration before you determine if the price is worth it. Once people speak to professionals regarding automated gates, they usually decide that it is well worth the benefits to have one installed.

Ease of Use & Convenience

Some of the simpler benefits of installing an automatic gate have to do with convenience. When driving up to a home or property that has a fence securing it, you must have an opening in that fence for people to walk through or for cars to travel inside. If the person chooses to have a manually operated gate on the fence, the person driving up will have to stop and get out of their car to open the gate before entering. Then, they must get back in the car and go through the gate. Following that, they have to get back out again for closing and securing the gate. How inconvenient is that? If the weather is bad or if you are in a hurry, it is even more inconvenient. With an automatic gate, the gate will slide or swing right open once you activate the control. You simply wait for the gate to open, pass through and the gate will close behind you as you stay warm and dry in your vehicle. You never have to worry again about stopping and getting out.

Highly Secure

Another major benefit of having an automated driveway gate is that it makes it tougher for someone to get in who does not have a control mechanism. This means that it is harder for a criminal to break in the automated gate versus walking right through the manual gate. This can be of major importance for someone who wants a high level of security around their property. The automated gate creates a more secure enclosure and prevents unwanted people from entering the property without your permission.

Space Saving

Another nice benefit of automated driveway gates is that they can be rolling instead of swinging gates. When you install a traditional swing gate, you must leave room on both sides of the pane to allow for space as each leaf swings open. As a result of this, much of this space is actually wasted. In comparison, a sliding version will enable maximum use of the space on both sides making it much easier to park cars and store outdoor items like wheelie bins. In addition to this, you also never have to worry about pulling up too close to the swing gate for it to open making them perfect for driveway with limited amounts of space available.

In conclusion, the addition of automated driveway gates to your property will prove extremely beneficial and offer far more convenience to the homeowner. So regardless of whether you have a metal or wooden driveway gates currently fitted to your home, there is now a wide range of motors available on the market that offer an affordable way of automating your existing manual ones.


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