Bed Bases 101: Your Guide to Different Bed Bases

There are different types of bed bases, and it might be beneficial if you know what to pick for your bedroom. Different bed bases can cater to your different needs. There are bed bases that are sturdy enough to help prolong your mattresses life; there are some that you can use for additional storage purposes.

There are two base styles you can choose from. There are divan bed bases, beadsteads and bed frames. Divan bed bases are popular in the United Kingdom. Usually, divan bed bases are upholstered with the same fabric design as they used with the mattress. There are divan beds that have drawers at the foot of the base, and there are bed bases with four drawers, two on each side.

You can also choose from a variety of storage drawers. Single beds mostly have two drawers on the side. For double, king, and super king sizes, you can select from two drawers, an end drawer, two drawers with an end drawer, four drawers, and a four drawer continental.

On the other hand, bedsteads and bed frames are made from wooden slats that support your mattress as well as it allows ventilation for your mattress. If you prefer to have more storage space, opt for a divan bed base. If you suppose that you need a stable foundation, then bed frames would be suitable for you.

If you choose to get a divan bed base for your bedroom, here are some benefits you could enjoy:

Support: Divan beds give general support unlike bedsteads and frames as the weight is evenly distributed across the base instead of the bars and slates. Bed frames easily wear and tear throughout the years; you’ll never go wrong with a divan bed base. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your kids jumping on the bed or maybe your weight can’t be handled by the bed base.
Improved Storage: No matter what type of storage drawers you avail, it’s always better to store things inside your divan bed. Aside from the storage capacity of your bed base, keeping your things from accumulating dust and the ease of accessibility are the main benefits of availing a divan bed.
More Space: Divan beds are a better option than bed frames because it does not occupy too much space. A divan bed will only extend to the width and length of the mattress, while bed frames are bulkier. Because of its storage drawers, small bedrooms can have additional storing space for their things.

Another bed base that has great storage capacity is the ottoman storage bed. Ottoman bed storages are unique as the whole bed base is used for storage. The ottoman bed storage can be used to store different things; from books, old clothes, and even bed sheet. With its large storage capacity, it definitely helps in saving space. You simply lift up the base either on the end of the bed base or at the side. There are different varieties of the ottoman storage bed.

There is the single ottoman, where the whole surface top is lifted up. Another ottoman storage bed variety is the double ottoman storage divan bed base. Unlike the single ottoman storage, the double ottoman storage has two storage capacities When you open an ottoman storage bed, you can keep it open with its hydraulic gas struts, even if the mattress is still on top.

Here are some benefits of using an ottoman bed base:

  • It’s suitable for guest rooms; you can store extra linens, pillows, and bed sheets in the bed for unexpected guests as well as keeping the beddings free from dust.
  • Using an ottoman bed base can reduce the clutter inside your bedroom; store your books, clothes, and other important documents you don’t want lying around.
  • Great storage, more space. There’s no need to buy extra shelves or cabinets to store things; it helps in maintaining your room free from clutter and being spacious, too.
  • These are also perfect for people who love to keep things but do not have the room to store it. Do you have memorabilias you want to keep from a fantastic date? Do you tend to keep back issues of your favorite magazine? Ottoman bed bases can keep those things from taking up space in your bedroom.
  • You’ll never have to change an ottoman bed base. It’s a good investment for a lifetime. It never goes out of style, and the mere fact that it’s a great space to hide your things is an added bonus.

Now that you’re well aware of the different types of bed bases and their benefits, it’s time for you to choose the right bed base for your bedroom. Here are some simple tips to help you along the way:

  • Do your own research. It’s better if you inquire first rather than purchasing one right away. One bed base may not be suitable for some bedrooms, especially small bedrooms. Opt for something that would be beneficial to you.
  • Think long term. You’ll be using the bed base probably for the rest of your life. Unless you have cash to spend, select a bed base that will suit your needs and would carry your weight. If you’re a big family on the weight department, you’ll want something that can support the whole mattress, and something that wouldn’t break in case you jumped to your bed.
  • Be budget-wise. Brands vary from each other as well as the features they offer; it is best to check out several stores first before you make a purchase. You might purchase a bed base that’s cheaper than the other brands, but with greater bed base support. Don’t just go for known brands; consider the materials used in constructing the bed base, as well as how much you can afford.

Different bed manufacturers guarantee quality bed bases, but be considerate in choosing the one that’s right for you. You might go for a cheaper bed frame, you might need the extra storage space; what you need is all that matters. Remember that a well informed shopper makes wise decisions.

This is written by Alexe, a dedicated housewife and a mother of two. She also works at Divan Beds Centre, UK’s leading online suppliers of divan beds and cheap mattresses.

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