Beautiful Home Designs from Around the World

People often dream about their perfect home; where it would be, what it would look like – and I’m sure even how many staff they would have at their every beck and call! For many people these dreams become reality, and as a result we have some truly astounding house designs gracing every corner of our planet. In this post we’re going to take a look through what I consider to be some of the most impressive and spectacular house designs out there. I hope you enjoy browsing through the images in this post as much as I enjoyed collecting them!

These are not homes, they are holiday villas. But I am sure you can find some wealthy individuals with homes like this somewhere around the world. The pristine waters and lush lavish green land around make this a truly paradise-like location.

This is another house which reminds me of some type of fantasy land, like that which you see in Lord of the Rings. I half expect to find Bilbo Baggins somewhere in the picture. Living in a place like this, tucked away from the world and secluded in your own private paradise would be magical.

These houses have some very unique designs, and of course, incredible scenery with amazing views! For me, the most important aspect of a house is its surroundings, the scenery, and the landscape.

This house reminds me of Lord of the Rings – I think it’s all of the greenery in the background, or the fantasy looking scenery. To live here would be incredible, your very own private piece of paradise. Nothing around except for lavish untouched natural scenery.

This is obviously not a house, it is a super-yacht; although looking at the size of it I am sure that one could easily live there and call it their home. Yachts are something that only the rich can obtain, and a yacht like you see above would only be obtainable by the super-rich. Something like this costs tens of millions of dollars, but if you’ve got it then I would say it’s well worth-while.

I love the natural look of these outdoor areas, lots of stone and no shortage of water – swimming pools with waterfalls, overlooking the sea. The perfect patio areas for relaxing of an evening.

This is an unusual looking house, it looks like something out of a Disney movie with its crazy shape roof and unusual features. With breath-taking views and scenery too, this house is another winner for me.

Hopefully you’re not too envious after seeing these incredible homes. If anything, get inspired by these images – homes like these are not out of reach, with hard work and determination, you can get there.

Della regularly contributes home design and home improvement ideas to this blog and other home blogs around the web. When she’s not busy working with the AMS Group, you will find her undertaking many of her own home improvement and construction projects!

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