Five of my Bathroom Essentials

Taste is subjective, that much is true, but it doesn’t stop people arguing and wrangling over everything. For example, I maintain, and do so at length and con brio, that The Wire is far, fare better than Breaking Bad. And it is. Be quiet. It is.

The ‘everything’ alluded to above includes the subject of my trade, bathroom design. Many a time at an editorial meeting we’ve sat kicking over what we think are some vital things you must have in your bathroom. This is complicated further when you try and consider looks and function. Thumbing my nose at consensus, I strode out of said meeting and decided to go off my own back and throw together a bunch of five things I couldn’t do without in my bathroom.

LED Shower Head

I’m essentially a manchild, and am very easily pleased. As such, the glittering light emanating from this shower head entrances me – I’ve been known to spend upwards of a week in the shower when ensorcelled in this way. That’s a lie, actually. Still, these really are cool.

Shaving Mirror

My large moon face requires the removal of facial topiary as periodically as it does other men’s faces. One of my foremost irritants is the steaming up of the mirror when you’re trying to shave. If anything, it’s a safety hazard. Unseeing, and unwilling to open the window to the arctic tundra without, there is every chance of lopping off an earlobe or nose tip. I have got a special demisting mirror though, whose elements keep the surface of the mirror warm enough to prevent condensation. This has saved my life then, pretty much. Do you want to die? Then buy one.

Waterfall Tap

Again, this is a case of being titillated by something out of the ordinary. A waterfall tap delivers its flow in one thick cascade, as opposed to those pathetically quotidian thin streams. I suppose strictly speaking there is no real advantage to be had from these taps functionally, but they do look really cool. What more reason do you need?

Thermostatic Shower

I hate standing around – ahem – nude fiddling with taps to get anything approaching a hot shower. Thermostatic showers sort this out for me by maintaining my temperature automatically. Get in my bathroom, you hero.


I also hate exiting said shower into a gelid bathroom. I demand warm towels and get them, as I have towel radiators set up. When I finally make my fortune I will have butlers to take care of heating and handing me my fluffy towels post-shower, but for now this will do me just fine.





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