Basic Bathroom Ceramics – Options

Design can be a pain, a blizzard of practically innumerable concerns, none of which can be adequately gripped and dealt with. This is just as true in bathrooms, though some things offer blessed relief in there. One of these things is that you can buy a suite all in one go, all those separate pieces brought under one consistent design umbrella. Too much choice is an illusion, an intellectual bezoar – we really want to be told what to have.

So, to help even further with this, I have broken down these sets into their constituent parts. Here’s what you should leave the shop with, weeping grateful tears at the ease of the process…


Thought I’d start with something a little recherché and, to be fair, unpopular. The bidet as a concept doesn’t seem to be all that essential, at least in the UK, and the one in our bathroom has more practically been put to use for washing feet rather than, well, you know. Still, if you are a completist, here’s one thing you’ll need.


There might be some thought required here, as opposed style. The main issue here is situation I find, as you can get counter top basins and pedestal sinks that are fine for space-saving or looks concerns. For cloakrooms, neat, compact corner sinks are perfect, as they don’t intrude upon the constrained dimensions of the room but make use of often underutilised corners.


You’d definitely miss this, as the sanitary conditions of your bathroom deteriorated if not at first. Your design options are also fairly binary, in that you either go for a close coupled or back to wall toilet. Elegantly, the rule of thumb here tends to be that close coupled toilets are traditional while back to wall units – with their minimalist look – are modern, making choosing even easier.

You are welcome. 


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