Are You Making These 10 Common Moving House Mistakes?

Whether you have moved many times or it is your first venture into being a home-owner  it’s all too easy to make life difficult for yourself when it comes to moving day. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when moving home and how best to avoid them:

1.  Overcommitting To An Unsuitable House

It’s easy to let your heart rule your head and fall in love with a home that may look the part but really isn’t suited to your needs, for example, a house that is too small. How will you fare in the long run with lack of space? Worse still, taking on a home that you know you can’t really afford. It’s important to be happy in your new home but it’s also important to be realistic. Take all the practicalities into account before you sign on the dotted line.

2. Neglecting To Notify People Of Your Change Of Address

There’s nothing worse than leaving it all to the last-minute to inform your bank, employer and the tax man of your new address. Even if you redirect your mail, there’s always a chance that a few important letters and documents will slip out of the net and get delivered to the old address. And there is no guarantee that the new occupant will return it to the post office. Plan well in advance and send out a standard letter of your change of address a couple of weeks before your move date.

3. Not Packing Valuables Correctly

You may not want to buy more storage boxes and you may think you can ‘make do’, but having that sort of attitude with very expensive, valuable items is asking for trouble. Make sure your boxes are strong and secure and that you double up on the bubble wrap for your fragile items, remember to clearly label these boxes so you know exactly what’s inside and do not overload them to prevent the box from breaking and you damaging any valuable possessions. This applies whether you are moving yourself or using a removal company.

4. Using A Removal Company That Hasn’t Got Insurance

If your goods get damaged or even lost during transit, if the removal company you’re using hasn’t got full liability insurance you can forget getting compensation. It’s important to check with your removal company exactly what their insurance covers before moving day so that if disaster strikes during the move you won’t be liable.

5. Not Having Essentials Close To Hand

If you are moving into your house straight away, it’s important to have some essential items close to hand. Things like a change of clothing, kettle, non-perishable food items and bedding. The last thing you’ll want to do after a long, tiring and stressful day is to hunt through boxes to find your belongings.

6. Not Disconnecting Appliances In Good Time

Unless you know your removal firm offers such services and have arranged with them beforehand leaving the washing machine and oven plugged in right up until the removal men arrive only to discover that they cannot or will not be able to disconnect will cause not just a delay, but more money and time finding a tradesman or a plumber at such short notice.

7. Forgetting To Make Alternative Arrangements For Pets Prior To Moving

Don’t forget your furry friends! It’s hard to move with pets in the way, so either arrange for your cat, dog or other pet to stay with friends while you move or arrange for them to stay in a cattery or kennels. If you have a pond and intend to take your fish with you, you’ll need to make arrangements to move them, it’s best to use a professional service for this.

8. Not Taking Meter Readings Before You Move Out

Many people overlook the importance of informing their energy providers that they are moving. It’s important to keep records of your electricity, gas and water meter readings before you move out, this will ensure that you don’t incur any charges while you no longer live in the property.

9. Not Disassembling Large Items Of Furniture

Unless you have arranged for your removal company to dismantle furniture, make sure disassemble large pieces of furniture before they arrive to make moving go more swiftly. Same goes for outdoor furniture and garden buildings, for example if you want to move your prized greenhouse, this will need specialist dismantling and transporting maybe booked well in advance before you move.

10. Not Being Able To Contact Everyone In The Chain

You will be without a phone line or internet access probably for a good few days during your move, unless you are fortunate enough to arrange for the new phone line to be installed before you move in. You must make sure you have mobile numbers and some form of contact for everyone involved in the move and they must be able to contact you.

Written by the decoration team at Bingham Self Storage


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