Most Affluent Areas To Live In Basildon

Basildon, in Essex, is a large town with a large population. It’s the kind of place that covers a wide spectrum of society. Like Manchester or London, it has a reputation for being many things all at one time. There are troubled spots and there are beautiful spots. There are areas that could do with a little vim and vigour after the economic recession and there are areas that are thriving. Basildon is a town of many people and many places – it cannot be easily labelled or put in a box.

There are some great places to live in Basildon and a lot of them are considered to be very affluent. Regions like Langdon Hills and Laindon are surrounded by countryside and are surprisingly attractive considering their close proximity to London, it’s worth checking out a reputable Estate Agents In Basildon. Here’s a guide to some of the most luxurious areas in Basildon. If you’ve got the cash and you like this part of the country – why not think about a move here?


Laindon is a township in the West of Basildon and home to the famous Dunton Plot-Lands – an area of small plots of land used as makeshift homes for those displaced by the Blitz. This area now serves as the Havens Plots Museum and it is designed to maintain and share the unique natural and social history of Laindon. Laindon itself is a fairly middle class town with a vibrant community spirit and a fierce pride in its local history. It may have started life as a working class district, but after decades of development and investment – this region has now started to move up in the world. House prices here sell for slightly more than they do in other parts of Basildon.

Langdon Hills 

Langdon Hills is located just south of Laindon and the two regions are similar in a lot of ways, really. Langdon Hills is probably a little more affluent than Laindon – it has its own Green Flag country park and gold course. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside, despite being so close to London, and it was once home to a rather respected civil parish, says Thurrock council.  17th century writer Arthur Young once described the region as being “…one of the most astonishing prospects to be beheld. Such a prodigious valley, everywhere painted with the finest verdure. Nothing can exceed it.” The views of the Essex countryside are remarkably beautiful on a warm summer evening and it’s constantly surprising that such a quiet, tranquil area can be so close to the capital.

Canvey Island 

Canvey Island is a small region located just outside of Basildon, though it is often referred to as being part of the district. It’s actually a rather beautiful spot that is cut off from the rest of Essex by a network of canals and estuaries. It was written about by Charles Dickens, its history dates back to the Roman era and it is widely considered to be one of the most unique and exciting seaside towns in Britain, say the experts at Yet, houses prices aren’t unattainable here – there is still a lot of redevelopment and investment to be done over the next decade and after that, Canvey island is sure to become an even more affluent hotspot. The town comes hand in hand with ghost stories, myths and legends though, so you’d better watch out if you’re considering a move here.

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