Advantages of Cordless Power Tools

Those who make regular use of power tools will have been aware of the increasing number of cordless models available over the last couple of decades. Cordless tools are no longer seen as a luxury item, but as something which is available to everyone, from the occasional DIY-er to the professional tradesman. There are many advantages to using cordless power and air tools. Here are just a few of them. 

Improved Health & Safety 

Health and safety is of major importance on work sites. Not all jobs can be carried out near to a wall socket, so using corded power tools often means having wires and extension cables trailing around the place, causing a trip hazard to anyone else in the area. Workmen often spend more time putting out warning signs and covering wires in walkways rather than getting on with the job. A cordless tool, however, makes the job much easier and quicker, as well as safer for all concerned. 

Of course, health and safety concerns do not just affect professional workmen either. For those who carry out DIY around the home, a cordless tool saves having wires stretching across the garage or out into the yard for you or other people to trip over. For those who don’t use power tools every day, it can also be easier to end up getting the wire accidentally caught in the job, so having a cordless tool makes it safer this way too.

Improved Tools 

When they first came out, cordless power tool batteries were not capable of standing up to a long job or a full day’s work without being recharged. This meant that they were great for drilling the odd hole in the wall at home, but not much else. The good news, however, is that the capacities available for power tools has now improved greatly. High power tools are now available which can be good for multiple jobs. 

There is also now a wider variety of cordless tools available. Power drills were the first to go cordless, but these days you can find cordless versions of all of the main tools any workman or DIY enthusiast might need. 

Cordless tools were also originally very heavy, because they had to support a cumbersome and weighty battery as well as everything else. When you have to keep lifting a cordless drill or saw, it can become tiresome with the added weight. Fortunately, many power tool brands have now started using lithium-ion batteries instead of NiCD or NiMH versions. Lithium-ion batteries can be up to 40% lighter and so this obviously makes a significant difference to a power tool’s usability, as the reduced weight also makes it more manoeuvrable. 

Lithium-ion batteries also don’t have ‘memory effect’, meaning that they don’t have to be completely run down before they can be recharged in order to maximise the battery. As this isn’t always a practical solution anyway, this means that the batteries in your power tools last longer before they need replacing. What’s more, these batteries also hold their charge for longer, which means you can get more done.

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