5 Ways to Use Lighting to Open Up an Indoor Space

Not every house is a south-facing light-trap on Lake Como. It’s a sad fact but one most folks have to live with nonetheless. Their semi in the city isn’t likely to have much going for it in the way of things like privacy and glorious sun-laden views, so what’s the solution?

It’s not as difficult as it might seem to use light and a load of clever design tricks and accessories to invite light into the home and keep it bright and cosy throughout the day.

Here are five expert tips to help those with interiors featuring the kind of dull second-hand light typically associated with a dungeon!

1. Decor Colour

There’s a palette for every shape and size of room. For dark spaces, light colours like pastels and off-whites are superb. Bright white and very vivid tones crowd the space and suck light out of the room.

Any walls with windows on them should always be pale and uncomplicated – the effect is designed to make the whole wall appear more window-like and bright.

2. Mirrors

The go-to solution for a dull space. Use a large mirror opposite the main window to elongate the space and spread light by reflecting the window. A series of small mirrors placed along the wall at head height allows the eye to catch all that gorgeous reflected light as a person walks through the room. A large mirror in a long, dark hall is a great trick.

3. Accessories

Reflective and bright accessories are superb for making the most of home lighting and natural light.   Things like organza cushions are ideal. Look for fabrics that give off a pleasant sheen in the light.

4. Artificial Lighting

Even the darkest of spots can be transformed by clever lighting. There are plenty of great daylight bulbs on the market that give off a light as close to sunlight as possible. These are great options for home offices and busy spaces where natural light is preferable.

Always employ multiple light sources to give the room as much lighting dexterity as possible, e.g. ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps and so on.

Placing that old friend, the mirror, behind a table lamp can really boost the light flooding a room.

5. De-clutter

It’s not just a buzz word from the mid-90s. De-cluttering is as relevant today as it was when families were doing their best to cast off the packed chinz-look of the 1980s and businessfolk first started to attend “de-stress” seminars that blamed a messy house for all their workplace problems.

A great trick is to keep the floor as clear as possible, especially corners. Try to make sure the skirting boards are always visible where possible. This creates a flow between the floor and wall, adding to the depth of the space and, with the help of a few mirrors and clever décor, will help it to appear brighter.

Clutter creates shadows, which makes it the enemy of the bright room!

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