5 Tips to Make Your Two Storey Home More Energy Efficient

5 Tips to Make Your Two Storey Home More Energy Efficient

A house is like a system. You improve performance and save money only when you manage to take adequate cost-effective measures┬áthat successfully reduce building loads. After the loads have been reduced, you can then install appliances and systems that are of the right size and capacity to perfectly meet the modified loads. The best way of improving overall energy efficiency is by first targeting your home’s envelope- doors, windows, walls and attic. Then think of improving the energy efficiency of the systems, such as lighting, heating, cooling and appliances.

Roof and Attic


If you have a dark colored roof, it’s always advisable to get the roof painted so as to minimize heat absorption. On the other hand, if you are planning to get your roof replaced, consider using special reflective roofing materials such as tile, sheeting or paints to reflect the incoming sun rays to the maximum possible extent. Along with this, make sure that your attic ventilation fans and ridge vents are working properly to prevent heat from spreading to the other parts of the house.

Plant Shade Shrubs and trees around your house

Good landscaping can significantly help in saving energy, more so if planted on the west side of the house. During the summer, the foliage helps in blocking the inbound infrared radiation that can easily warm the house whereas in the winter months, the bare tree branches allow this radiation to come through. That’s why most architects always recommend leaving extra space for plantations while designing two storey house plans. Moreover, the presence of trees and shrubs near the house also provides fresh oxygen and help in reducing harmful Carbon dioxide emissions.

Make sure that your attic and walls are properly insulated

Proper insulation help in preventing the outside heat waves from entering the rooms and therefore reducing the heating and cooling needs. Using cellulose insulation between the attic and the floors will significantly reduce air transfer. Generally, most of the two storey house plans include duct works between the floors and by getting that area sealed, you can enhance the efficiency of the ducts by almost forty percent. Similarly, when it comes to insulating the attic, make sure that both the ceiling and the floors are properly covered to feel the biggest improvement in your second storey room temperatures.

Replace or Upgrade your windows

If your windows are leaky and old, it’s time to get them replaced with some energy efficient models. Replacing a leaky window can save up to twenty five percent of your air conditioning and heating bills. A window’s ability to prevent heat from entering the house is measured in terms of the solar heat gain coefficient whereas U-Value is an approximation of the volume of heat that a window allows to escape. Therefore, depending on your requirements, select a suitable window model having the proper U-Values or heating coefficients.

Get your Incandescent light bulbs replaced with the Compact Fluorescent lamps

The modern day Compact Fluorescent lamps can save┬ánear about seventy five percent of electricity when compared to the old incandescent light bulbs. Most people tend to ignore the fact that the power consumption to run a light bulb is much more than the cost of the bulb itself. Therefore, even if the CFL’s costs a bit more, it’s fully worth an investment. Adding to this, consider using skylights in the upper level that will help in further reducing the necessity for artificial light during daytime.

To conclude, we hope that this article will help you get some simple yet effective tips that can be put in practice. One thing can be said for sure that if these tips are properly followed, you can be rest assured to find a payback almost immediately.


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