5 Steps to an Organised Storage Shed

Garages and sheds rarely receive the attention that rooms inside the home are paid with regard to organisation, and in many cases, cleaning too. Sheds needn’t be in a constant state of disarray however, and by keeping your shed organised and clean, you’ll also find that it’s easier to find things when you need them, that your possessions are given a new lease on life and that they’re kept in much better condition than they were in the past. This can save you a headache and money.

1. Take everything out of the shed

There’s little point moving everything around to sort through piles and clean behind things. Do it properly. Take everything out of the shed before cleaning and arranging it and you’ll find that the cleaning and organising process just got a lot easier. Moreover, as many shed owners have discovered, there are often areas of the shed that require attention, like a new coat of paint or rust proofing to protect it from the harsh elements, most notably rain and snow.

2. Divide it into piles

In addition to a pile of things you no longer have use of and are going to give or throw away, divide your shed dwelling possessions into categorical piles. For example, gardening tools in one pile, carpentry tools in another. By dividing everything into piles you’ll find that it’s much easier to put everything back, plus as many shed owners have also discovered – due to not being able to locate tools and equipment in the past – they’ve unnecessarily replaced items and now have two or even three of the same item. This is another very good reason to keep your shed clean and organised.

3. Give the shed a thorough clean

Once everything has been taken out of the shed and arranged in categorical piles – or even before you arrange it in piles it really doesn’t matter – give the shed a thorough clean. If you’ve been slack, as many people have, this should take longer than you had expected – a reason in itself to keep your shed clean and organised in the future!

4. Put shelving and storage units in the shed

Depending on what you have to store and your storage needs, you’ll generally find it quite affordable to invest in storage solutions like some quality shelving and drawers to keep your tools and equipment better organised, and as many have found, in better condition. The importance of this can’t be stressed enough. By keeping your tools and equipment up off the floor and arranged conveniently on shelves – or hanging from inexpensive guttering and hooks on the walls depending on the tools and equipment in question – you’ll find that everything you have come to rely upon for your DIY and home handyman needs will enjoy a longer lifespan.

5. Return everything you want to keep

Once you’ve put in your storage solutions – or just updated your old ones – and perhaps rust proofed areas requiring attention, given the shed a new coat of paint and whatever else it needs, you can begin to return – in an orderly fashion of course – all the tools and equipment to your shed. You’ll immediately notice how much space you’ve created in your shed, and you’ll also notice that everything is much easier to find when you need it.

There comes a time in every shed owner’s life when he or she needs to meet the chaos in their shed head on. It’s hoped that you have found this article helpful and that you’re now better able to give your shed a new lease on life.

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