5 Simple Steps to Protect Your Home From Break-Ins

Many people only consider securing their home against burglars when going away for a vacation. Unfortunately, not all break-ins occur during vacation and it’s easy to leave yourself just as vulnerable in your day-to-day activities as it is when you’re out of town for several days at a time.

Here are five easy things you can take to protect your home from the prying eyes of would-be burglars (or consider hiring San Francisco security guards from FirstSecurityServices.com.

Talk to your neighbors

Your neighbors are an extra pair of eyes and ears that can look after your house when you’re not there and it’s an important to let them know if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time. Many communities have a neighborhood watch program which acts to deter and prevent crime in the neighborhoods. Take advantage of these programs and help protect your neighborhood by getting involved.

Ask for identification

This is a good practice anytime someone comes to your door. Remember that a FedEx or UPS hat doesn’t mean someone actually works for the company. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for burglars to pose as delivery men to see if a house is empty or not.

Use timers and motion sensors on lights

One of the main things that burglars look for in a potential target is lack of activity. If your home has no lights, TV or computer monitor illuminating your home in the evening, that’s a pretty good sign that no one’s home. Using timed lights for the interior and motion sensors outside is a good way to send burglars the message to keep moving.

Protect all points of entry

This seems like common sense, but you’d be amazed how many people overlook this simple advice. Many people secure the front door and don’t give a second thought to the garage, windows or even a side entrance. Any way into your house should be secured. Windows should lock securely and have a screen, which makes it more difficult to break them to gain entry. This includes windows that aren’t on the first floor–do not underestimate the lengths a burglar will go to to get inside your home!

Don’t hide a key around your house

People tend to hide keys in similar spots: on top of a porch light, the wheel well of a parked car, under a doormat and of course, the infamous fake rock. These are all tricks that home burglars are more than familiar with. Put simply, it is not a good idea to stash a spare key anywhere other than in the possession of someone you trust. 

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