5 Critical Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you are landscaping, it is so important to do it correctly. You want to make sure that it will continue to look good for a number of years or else your time and money will have been wasted. Therefore check out the top five mistakes so that you can avoid making them.

Not Planning

It is easy to get carried away and not think things through properly first. Most landscape designers will have a drawing of the finished article and consider what it will look like in the future as well as immediately on completion. It is important to do this. Consider what will need to go where. Think about any power you will need and where the cables will go. Any structures and how you will fit them in. Consider the lawn and planting and how easy it will be to maintain and who will do it. Also consider how fast things grow and to what size, to make sure that it will all stay under control and look good. You could otherwise end up with huge trees and bushes that swamp your garden or worse get under structures and weaken the foundations. You may end up with a messy garden that takes too much time to look after.

Not Matching Home and Garden Styles

It is important to match the style of your garden to your home. Think about the house and how it looks and what it will look like with a different style of garden. Make sure that it fits in, both color and size wise as well as to the way that it looks. Stand in the garden and imagine what it would look like before you do anything and hopefully you will avoid this mistake.

Think About Day and Night

Many people just plan their garden for daytime use, however, they may want to sit out there in the warm evenings. Therefore consider lighting and heating as well. Also if you have a garden room that you plan on using a lot, you may need heating and lighting in there as it could get chilly in there in the winter and after dark. Consider how easy it will be to get from there to the house in the dark and what lighting might be useful.

Going Over Budget

It is so easy to go over budget with any project like this. It is wise to write out all of the costs that you imagine you will have, doing through research rather than just guessing. Then add on some extra, at least 10% in case you overspend. This is the easy part though, setting the budget, you then have to make sure that you stick to it. Bear in mind that planting can wait, if the budget runs out, you just need the main structure to be in place.

Not Considering Seasons

It can be easy to choose plants and trees according to how they look at the time that you buy all of your plants. It is important to remember that they will look very different in six months time and so you need to think about how things will look at a different time of the year.

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