5 Benefits Of Buying A Wood Burning Stove For Your Home

stoveIt may be summer time as we speak, but we all won’t find it too long coming about when we’re sitting down in front of a fireplace or a stove. A cosy home during the winter time is something to be relished and envied and one of the most ecological and economical ways with which to heat your house is the wood burning stove.

In recent years, the cost of alternative means of heat has really rocketed, so much so, it’s considered one of the leading causes of inflation. In essence, heating a home has become increasingly costly and though there are alternatives in solar power and heat pumps, the wooden stove is a far less expensive investment, that’s still cheaper than gas and oil. In fact, according to some studies, wooden stoves may be a fifth of the price of heating your home with electricity.


We all remember visiting a home with a wood burning stove at one time of our childhood or another and we can all recall the unique and comfortable warmth emitted from these stoves. A wooden stove makes a home feel a lot more pleasant than any other sort of stove and they have a really unique feel as an open fire. They also add to the whole appeal of the room and can look fantastically decorative if you wish them to.


Even though wood is a fossil fuel, it is a renewable one and one that is a lot more practical in a number of ways than oil or gas. In addition, wood pellet burning stoves, now very popular, are a great way of using wood and sawdust that would be otherwise just thrown out. By using a wooden stove or a pellet stove you aren’t limiting yourself to using oil and gas alone. Trees can be easily replaced and there is little or no chance of them colossally rocketing in price either.


In the future, it can be hard to know how reliable electricity, gas and oil will be. We’ve already heard reports suggesting that the amount of spare capacity in the UK grid will reach crisis levels in a short period of time, increasing the likelihood of power cuts. Now, this may seem fine now, but come the winter time a power cut can have almost disastrous consequences and cause all sorts of problems for a home. With a wood stove there is no need to worry about a lack of heat in the winter time, something an electrically operated system can never guarantee.


Once you purchase your wood sustainably, there is no extra damage to the environment from burning wood in stoves Wakefield. With a sustainable structure, the wood that is used for burning will be replaced, meaning that overall the fuel is carbon neutral as replacement trees are grown. Trees as you already know absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, off-setting the issue.

So, as you can see the wood stove is a great addition to a home and in a lot of ways vastly superior to fossil fuel systems and a lot cheaper than many green alternatives.


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