5 Types of Conservatory Glass

5 Types of Conservatory Glass

A conservatory is a great way to create some extra space for your home without having to pay out for the ridiculous costs of building an extension. With a glass roof and sides they are commonly used as a sun room or a green house and are perfect way to bring the outside in but I bet you have never considered the glass that is used when manufacturing a conservatory. It’s not as simple as you think which is why today I’m going to tell you about the different types of glass you can choose from and what makes them special.

1.     Self Cleaning Glass

This one has to be one of the most favourite across the world let alone the country. The way it works can be a little mind boggling but I’ll try my best to explain. Windows are bound to get dirty from the outside elements but the amazing thing is that self cleaning glass uses the sun rays and rain to its advantage. The window is manufactured with a protective layer which takes the solar energy from the sun’s rays and this help the windows breakdown organic materials that are on the window. When it rains it washes all the dirt off the window leaving them gleaming and squeaky clean!

2.     Tinted Roof Glass

This one shouldn’t take much explaining but the concept is that you might not want all that sunlight blaring through. The idea of tinted glass is to help reduce how much sun reaches you, think of it as a sun shade. When I say tinted I don’t mean the tinted windows you see in a young teenager’s car who thinks they’re cool. They don’t have to be dull because you can get them in a range of different tints such as aqua blue, slight red and even borderline clear if you’re looking for minimum impact. Of course you don’t have to have this and you can stick to simple clear glass if you like.

3.     UV Glass

This one is more about safety and for the self conscious person who wants to take an extra step into protecting themselves while they sit enjoying the sun in their conservatory. This glass is sometimes used on public transport and works by reflecting the harmful UV rays that come from the sun. This helps protect your skin from a risk that is invisible. What more could you ask for? Some may tell you that glass blocks UV rays without having to invest in UV glass but the truth is they bock one type of ray which is UVB but there is another type of ray called UVA. Both are a health risk but UV glass uses a film that has no impact of the look or transparency of the product to stop the harmful rays passing through and into your conservatory.

4.     Frosted Glass

Having all that glass might make you feel a little uneasy when it comes to privacy. If you have neighbours who overlook your garden then you might feel more comfortable having some frosted glass in your conservatory. Frosted glass creates a translucent surface that blurs the view and stop people looking in. This has no impact on how much light you receive so you don’t miss out on any of that lovely sunshine. The best way to understand what I mean is go and look at your bathroom window!

5.     Laminated Glass

People shouldn’t throw stones in a glass house! It’s a true saying but what if someone up to no good tries to enter your home or tries to do some damage in order to get something valuable from your conservatory? This is where laminated glass can help. On impact this glass doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces. It simply cracks and stays in place. Have you ever seen a car accident and the windscreen is broken resembling a spider web look? It remains intact but doesn’t break. This has some pros and cons which I will talk about in a minute but first I’ll explain how it works. Laminated glass is exactly what it says it is. It’s manufactured with a laminated film and on impact this holds all the pieces of glass together stopping a complete mess being made and limiting your intruder’s attempts. Although good for safety in an emergency it would work against you if it was your only means of escape so I wouldn’t get it all the way around, maybe keep a pane as an emergency window.

Well there’s five type of conservatory glass you can choose from but believe it or not there is still a few more varieties out there. Definitely worth looking into if you should decide to add a conservatory in your home. Most manufacturers will help you select the right glass to suite your needs making the process easy! Don’t you just love the professionals?!

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