10 Ways to improve your kitchen

The kitchen is probably the most important room in the house. The place where people congregate to have a coffee or a chat and the place where exciting meals are cooked for the family. A smart and functional kitchen can make the world of difference to a house and it can make the home a great place to be. Below are 10 great ways to improve your kitchen:


The worktops, apart from the cupboard doors, will be the most used part of a kitchen. Therefore a great addition would be a granite worktop. A granite worktop is clean looking with an excellent feel to it and is extremely durable.  Pretty much scratch resistant it can keep a kitchen looking new even after years of use.


The next brilliant addition is a double sink, this offers plenty of space for when it comes to washing dishes but it also allows one sink to be used for food preparation or other purposes. Once you have a double sink, going back to a singl3e sink is almost impossible!


Excellent quality Kuchenworld style cupboards will really make a kitchen stand out but it is not just about the way that they look. Cupboards and drawers are opened and closed and generally abused and therefore tend to not last all that long. If you purchase cupboards and drawers with slow close catches. This not only looks good but it eliminates the ability to slam cupboards and drawers shut.


If you are in to your cooking then a double oven is a must. An oven can become full quickly and can really hamper the cooking process. This problem can be overcome by having a double oven/grill. This gives you the option of being able to use one oven and grill at the same time or both ovens. The oven world really is your oyster!


Linking this in with No.4 is the larger hobs. Most conventional kitchens come with 4 ring burners and this is ample for most, but more people cook these days and an upgrade to a 6 or an 8 ring burner will really make the difference. No more worrying about timings and swapping pots and pans over. Just fire the hob up and use it till your heart is content.


In the UK we spend most of the year in cold weather so why not introduce under-cupboard heaters. Simple to install and use they will heat up a kitchen in no time during those cold winter mornings. Cold tiles are a thing of the past!


If you are short on worktop space then a simple but brilliant idea is to have a wenge butcher block installed next to the sink. What this offers is a block that slides over the sink the increase the worktop space.


Again, if worktop space is an issue then why not try to keep worktop appliances to an absolute minimum? One of the largest worktop appliances is a Microwave, so why not have this fitted into the units? This will remove it from the worktop which will create space but it will also move the microwave to a height that is easier to use.


Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Want to watch your favourite programmes? Then why not install an under unit TV? This will fit snuggly under the units and can be folded down so that you can watch TV whenever you wish. This is a relatively cheap installation and can bring entertainment to the kitchen for adults as well as children!


We drink a lot of tea and coffee as well as other hot drinks, and when you need a hot drink you don’t want to spend countless minutes waiting for the kettle to boil. To overcome this, why not install an instant hot water tap? This fits into the worktop, wherever you require and can be used for not only making hot drinks but for boiled water when cooking. It makes life so much easier and makes perfect sense!


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