10 Luxury Upgrades to Make Your Home Amazing

Sometimes you’re just tired of pinching pennies. You’ve done it enough. Now’s the time to splurge and buy luxurious, impractical, and ridiculous upgrades for your place.

Wood Floors


Wood flooring looks great in any setting, so why not cover your house in it? Unlike carpet, there’s nowhere for harmful particles to hide. Wood floors require less maintenance, and if you spill a drink on it, it’s not really a big deal. Wood floors start at about $150 per square foot, so the larger your place is, the more it’ll run.

New Countertops

To complement your new wood floors, go with an enameled lava countertop. These are fairly lightweight, durable, and have a tough glass coating. It comes in 32 different colors. The enameled lava is extracted from a volcanic crater in central France, and is then cut into slabs, processed and glazed. It runs $370 per square foot.

Julia Bridge Faucets

Let’s go ahead and upgrade the faucets while we’re at it. These won’t be nearly as pricey, unless you have an absurd amount of faucets in your house. If you go with some Julia Bridge Faucets, you’ll be paying about $3,400 per set. These faucets are inspired from 1920′s French country kitchens.

Bamboo Blinds


Another great option that can really make your home’s decor pop involves window treatments. With bamboo blinds by The Shade Store, you’re giving the windows in your home a stylish makeover. Bamboo blinds require less maintenance than regular blinds, and they last a lot longer, as well. They’re more effective at keeping the natural light out, and they’re eco-friendly.

Toto Neorest Toilets

Let’s upgrade all of your porcelain thrones with actual thrones! Unfortunately, that’s not a solution yet, so we have to settle for the Toto Neorest, which runs $5,460 per toilet. This toilet has a built-in night light, an air freshener, and even a motion detector, which opens the lid as you approach.

Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator

That little box that you shove food into in the kitchen is looking a little dull, so let’s upgrade that. The Sub-Zero Pro 48 is the perfect choice. Running $13,800, this refrigerator has an easy access grille, an automatic ice maker, touch controls, a built-in water filter, an exterior temperature display, and a triple pane glass door.

Kalamazoo Free Standing Grill

Don’t grill your food — torch it. The Kalamazoo Free Standing Grill features 144,000 BTU’s, which is enough to heat a 4,000 square-foot house in Maine. You can simultaneously cook charcoal, wood and gas at the same time. This grill also features a side burner and a warming rack.

Luxury Dog House

You’ve got to treat the family dog as well! Grab the Louis XV Pet Pavilion, which is modeled after an 18th century French Rosewood commode and is hand-carved from mahogany and rosewood. It’s just a tiny bit pricey – it runs $24,266.

Copper Bathtub

Bathe in the lap of luxury with the Acheo Copper Bathtub. It holds 71 gallons of water and is handcrafted by the same people who restored the Statue of Liberty’s torch. The price? A staggering $68,968.

Pietra Firma

Just stop reading here, because you’ll never be able to afford this. From the Italian company Pietra Firma, these tiles are handcrafted with black onyx with mother of pearl insets. There’s also a ton of diamonds. The price: $100,000 per square foot. This tile is literally a million dollars for every ten square feet.

If you want to buy some luxury items, consider any of these items. These will empty your bank account and possibly ruin your life, but hey, they’ll make your house look great!

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